Advocates /State Attorneys now can file their pleadings while at their chambers, filling time extended to midnight, Judgments, Orders and Ruling to be signed Electronically. Development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has marked another Milestone in Tanzania Legal Regime following new Gazetted rules of procedures in Tanzania Courts.

On 13 April 2018, Chief Justice Prof. Ibrahim Hamis Juma while exercising his power under s. 4 of Judicature and Application of Laws Act, Cap 358 which empowers him to make any rules regulating practice and procedures in High Court and other Courts of the Land, he made the rules known as the Judicature and Application of Laws (Electronic Filling) Rules,2018.

Apparently, these rules aim to regulate electronic filling of the Courts’ documents. Under rule 4 Advocates, State Attorneys, agents and other relevant personnel can file their pleadings electronically. However in order to be able to do so, one needs to register for User Account with the Chief Registrar after Filling the prescribed Form C on the First Schedule of these Rules as provided under regulation 28.

Another remarkable milestone is that now Judgement, Orders, Decree and Ruling may be signed electronically as per Regulation 13. Regulation 21 has reduced the pressure of abiding with Court’s working hours, this is because it has extended the filing time to Midnight. Another interesting innovation is that, one may also file on Sunday and Saturday although such Filing may be deemed to have been filed on the immediately next working day. Therefore, pleadings or documents can be filed while one is at his office without physical embarrassment of long wait and que along Court’s corridors.