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Each year the competition brings forward the theme which creates an avenue for students to discuss various contemporary legal issues and provide lawyers with the opportunity to address the impending legal issues in the quest for the appropriate redress and progression of the legal fraternity.

2021 Moot Court Theme

The theme for the 2021 Moot Court Theme was centered on Legal Regime on Permanent Sovereignty Over Natural Resources and Arbitration

2022 Moot Court Theme

The theme for the 2022 Moot Court Competition was centered on “Regulation of Personal Data Protection and Privacy in Tanzania”

2023 Moot Court Theme

The theme for the 2023 Moot Court Competition was Centered on Regulation of Financial Technology in Tanzania”

2024 Moot Court Theme

The theme for the 2024 Moot Court Competition is centered on Regulation of Carbon Credits in Tanzania: Building an Impact Economy on Nature Based Solutions”

Each year Moot Court Competitions are governed by different Rules which provides a structured frameworks for the competition in order to provide consistency and fairness to all students as they guide the format, procedures and criteria for evaluating the oral and written arguments throughout the competition.


The followings are the rules for Victory Attorneys  Moot Court Competition in 2022

The followings are the rules for Victory Attorneys  Moot Court Competition in 2023. Download below

The Victory Attorneys National Moot Court Competition shall be momentous in effecting new thinking and creativeness amongst law students, lawyers and the people in the authoritative sectors; in the course of getting rid of the impetuous rigidity present in the law, through deliberating upon the possible solutions that will save the country from falling into the abyss of self-destruction.

This may in turn perpetuate the creation of a conducive environment and certainty in the law, in order to foster smooth operation of various entities engaged in philanthropy, investment and other activities.

Below are the links to the Moot Court Problem Questions for each year.


Link to Moot Court Problem Questions for 2022:

Link to Moot Court Problem Questions for 2023:

This is Moot Court Competition organized by Victory Attorneys & Consultants, it substantially aims at bringing together law students from various Higher Learning Institutions within Tanzania, to argue for or against various contemporary unsettling legal issues.

The competition aims at connecting people in the legal arena, stakeholders and the individuals in the authoritative sectors to deliberate upon the moot court proceedings and to make positive viable contributions as possible solutions to the legal problem which is the subject of the moot court competition.

The firm has drawn inspiration from other countries such as the United States of America, where law firms are exceptionally instrumental in founding, structuring and sponsoring local and international moot court competitions, with the aim of nurturing the industriousness of young minds and providing mentorship to law students. This being an implementation of a long-term plan in the course of engineering a better legal regime.