This is a non-profit generating company aimed at coordinating programs for promoting progression of the legal industry in Tanzania. Programs includes; moot court competitions and mentorship programs for law students and young lawyers in Tanzania.

A moot court is a legal competition which in itself is a technique of imparting legal knowledge and legal skills that necessitates participants (who are mostly law students) to scrutinize/analyse and argue both sides, i.e., Plaintiff and Defendant side of a hypothetical legal issue using legal authorities and procedures modelled after the particular legal issue, dependent of the jurisdiction under which the legal issue is fashioned

Moot Court Competition is organised by Victors Hub Limited, it substantially aims at bringing together law students from various Higher Learning Institutions within Tanzania, to argue for or against various contemporary unsettling legal issues.

The competition aims at connecting people in the legal arena, stakeholders and the individuals in the authoritative sectors to deliberate upon the moot court proceedings and to make positive viable contributions as possible solutions to the legal problem which is the subject of the moot court competition.

The Company in collaboration with Victory Attorneys and Consultants has drawn inspiration from other countries such as the United States of America, where law firms are exceptionally instrumental in founding, structuring and sponsoring local and international moot court competitions, with the aim of nurturing the industriousness of young minds and providing mentorship to law students. This being an implementation of a long-term plan in the course of engineering a better legal regime.

The Victory Attorneys National Moot Court Competition specifically aims at creating a constructive debate on legal and institutional issues which require the attention of the authoritative sectors.

The major push which has incited Victory Attorneys & Consultants to initiate this national wide competition is the current state of inexperience of most students and lawyers on the overall current state of the mining industry and practice in Tanzania.

Finally, the nature of the contemporary legal regime, its uncertainties and complexities acting as encumbrances in various sectors of development; the deficiency in the zeal amongst the upcoming lawyers, those already in practice and those in various influential sectors on acting for and/or against virtues and vices present in the legal reforms.

Another push factor is the lack of enthusiasm from other institutions in engaging themselves in this undertaking; this is essentially the firm’s give back to the community, we believe that through this competition, the firm shall fulfil its duty to the society and the country at large; presently and for the future.

These are the factors that have pushed Victors Hub Limited to birth the idea of initiating the competition; these owe their genesis from the judgment of the state of legal affairs in Tanzania and in other jurisdictions and the contemporary global trends on legal reformations and investment.

To inspire and coordinate programs for the progression of the legal industry through nurturing young lawyers to gain legal experience and comprehension of the legal practice.

To instigate and synchronize professional networking-links between local and international legal practitioners for the growth of the legal profession in Tanzania

To provide a career-worthy mentorship on professional development amongst young lawyers; through imparting practical skills on legal business entrepreneurship and law firm management.

To impart and enhance legal analysis skills amongst the participants; the larger purpose is to teach students the practical side of practicing law; this is through providing the participants with a detailed hypothetical fact scenario that raises more legal issues.

To vest students with the spirit of overcoming and arguing for or against laws, legal practice through the use of statutes, regulations, cases and legal practice of Tanzania and from other persuasive jurisdictions that support their arguments.

To confer onto the minds of the students the soft skills of persuasiveness both orally and in writing; this will later assist them to argue for or against or advocate for the change in the laws in the course of establishing a more sounding legal regime.

To implant the spirit of enthusiasm amongst the participants and the audience to sympathize and take cognizance of the resultant effects of having an unstable legal regime, and cultivating in them the vigorneeded to effect changes.