Daudi Mdoe

Strategic Officer

Email: deustarimo@victoryattorneys.co.tz 

Daudi plays a pivotal role in shaping and fortifying the firm’s external relationships, partnerships, and collaborative endeavors. With an insightful understanding of the ever-evolving business landscape, Daudi serves as the vital conduit between the firm and an array of stakeholders, including governmental institutions, regulators, judicial bodies, charitable organizations, profitable corporations, and our valued clients. Leveraging a background in liaison skills and communication, he navigates the intricate web of business relationships with finesse and foresight. 

Known for his collaborative tactics, Daudi engages with internal teams to ensure that every facet of the firm tasks are properly performed. Daudi takes charge of dispatch arrangements and adeptly files documents on behalf of various firm departments, ensuring a harmonious flow of communication and compliance. With a poised demeanor, he excels in orchestrating seamless documentation filing, service execution, and record management within our organization.

What sets Daudi apart is his ingenious approach to his work, serving as an invaluable asset to our firm. His keen attention to detail not only ensures precision in documentation but also plays a pivotal role in averting potential pitfalls such as misfiling and record discrepancies. Daudi’s commitment to excellence resonates throughout the firm, contributing significantly to our operational integrity and client satisfaction.

  • Facilitated obtaining of more than 200 business licenses for different companies and organization.
  • Assisted several our clients in tax compliance, obtaining tax clearance and filling tax return.
  • Liaised and coordinated the processing and issuance certificate of occupancy and derivative titles for more than 50 clients.
  • Registered more than 30 Not for Profit entities such as NGO, Societies, trusts and others.