Banking and Financial Services

The Tanzanian banking sector is a significant industry for the country’s growing economy. The nature of the sector calls for extensive regulation by various bodies like the Bank of Tanzania amongst others. This in turn creates complexities on compliance by licensed actors in the sector.

We provide wide range of premium services in;

  • Facilitating registration and obtaining of licenses for banks and financial institutions.
  • Representing banks and financial institutions in litigation and arbitration proceedings
  • Preparing and reviewing loan facilitating agreements (loan term agreements)
  • Obtaining requisite licenses and titles involved in the banking business
  • Carrying out due diligence investigation in establishing the propriety and legality of bank operations
  • Assisting Auditors in reviewing Annual Audits on a legal perspective
  • Providing legal updates to Banks and Financial Institutions on legal changes with the potential to affect their operations

We have assisted a microfinance institution in preparing biannual legal compliance models, we have also advised Informal Financial Groups (IFGs) on institutional expansion and formalization. Our banking team has greatly partaken in advising an international NGO on establishing a microfinance institution targeting a certain sect of miners in Tanzania.