We are experts in deciphering the regulatory maze, ensuring our client success


We are known for our sharp and effective communication in corporate services and regulatory compliance, this area of practice has been the cornerstone of our practice since inception. Our decades of experience highlight that compliance is integral to the success or failure of a business, making it an essential aspect of any enterprise. The firm has assisted several major public listed companies, mining corporation, telecoms, ICT entities, NGO, financial institutions, pharmaceutical, tourism entities, start-up and others in corporate governance, adhering to compliance, implementing and maintaining effective compliance programs and controls, and monitoring/responding to new risks.  

Our corporate gurus and regulatory specialists provide a comprehensive suite of services, including corporate formation and governance, shareholder agreements, share transfers, corporate secretarial services, streamlined compliance, legal audits, risk assessments, permitting, and licensing to mention but a few. At Victory Attorneys & Consultants, we ensure our clients are fully compliant with existing rules while anticipating new developments in compliance  to avoid future complications.


  • Successfully processed developer Licenses under Export Processing Zones and assisted more than 10 investors in obtaining Certificate of Incentives through the Tanzania Investment Centre.
  • Successfully engaged in various company restructuring, corporate governance, protection of minority shareholders for more than 200 companies.
  • Advised one of the leading tourism players on the creation of the complex hotel and lodge management agreements and how best they can structure the affairs to be in line with transfer pricing rules.
  • Conducted corporate legal audits for various companies and trust funds on shareholding structure, corporate governance, human resource management, financing models, fund management, local content compliance, ethical and integrity standards etc.
  • Engaged to design and draft suitable Shareholders Agreement for equitable equity participation, corporate governance, financing and capitalization as well as profit realization among equity participant following the inception of investment funding which will be converted to equity.
  • Assisted several companies in increasing share capital, forfeiting shares, surrendering shares, and guided shareholders on shareholder agreements and the enforcement of minority shareholders’ rights.
  • Advised various clients about the country’s mining industry mainly focusing country mining profile, legal framework, local content compliance and commercial arrangements for the purposes of mining activities and mineral trading.
  • Engaged as a company secretary for several multinational companies, handling annual returns, board support, filing changes at BRELA, and preparing necessary corporate documents.
  • Conducted a corporate legal audit and compliance checklist for one of the four strategic investors in Tanzania under the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC).
  • Assisted and advised Viettel Tanzania Plc on legal and compliance matters on their Initial Public Offering of shares at the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE).
  • Assisted several clients to obtain approvals, permit, certificates, licenses and clearance in Ministries, MDA, TIRA, TIC, NEMC, TAWA, TBS, Bank of Tanzania, FCC, EWURA, TCAA, TCRA, RITA, REA, and TANROADS amongst others.