Real Estate & Commercial Properties

“We have deep expertise & keen market knowledge in commercial real estate transactions.”

The Tanzania real estate industry is evolving as the country is open for investment and user’s needs. New investors are coming to invest and the Land and Investment laws is paving the way for foreigners to own land under derivative titles, lease arrangement, blocks concession, hotel concessions and other arrangements. Our  team of brilliant legal mind assist our client to obtain necessary approval and land ownership which cater for their needs being it hotel, industry, agriculture or other usage. Our real estate lawyers are also well versed in land and condominium laws in Zanzibar, Unit titles, derivatives process as well as handling complex land transactions or disputes. 


  • Facilitated the grant of Derivative Title to an investor in acquisition of more than 63,000 acres of land through Export Processing zone by engaging in village meetings, changes from village land to general land, designation of land for Investment and ultimate execution of intended project.
  • Facilitated more than 150 land transactions, mainly in form of sales and transfers, processing title deeds, surrender, transmission, assent, lost titles, mortgages, renewal, change of land use, revocation etc.
  • Engaged in the application, registration, and disposition of unit titles of prime commercial properties in Dar es Salaam such IT Plaza, Diamond Plaza, Elite Residency, Irish Residence, Diamond Plaza, Sea Castle, Renaissance Plaza etc. 
  • Successfully represented and negotiated on behalf of foreign investor on compensation dispute of Tzs.1.2 billion between investor, villagers and government during transfer of village land to general land for investment purposes.
  • Successfully advised and guided local and international investors in long term lease deals in form of joint venture arrangement of developing the landed property such as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, apartments etc.