Kasimu Musa Ititi

Legal Intern

Mr. Augustine is a Managing Partner.


Kasimu Musa Ititi holds a bachelor of laws (LL. B) degree from the University of Dar es
Salaam and is currently pursuing his postgraduate diploma in legal practice from the
Tanzania Law School. His areas of expertise include corporate law, banking and finance
law, tax law, mining law, dispute resolution and international trade. Kasimu is currently a
legal intern at Victory Attorneys and consultants, where he assists the team in a variety
of legal matters such as legal research, legal drafting, and corporate compliance.
Kasimu was part of the investment team who played a key role of advisory in a voluntary
carbon offset project worthy more than Eight Billion (Tsh 8,000,000,000) in Tanzania, which
led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between GreenCop and
the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania. He also plays an instrumental role in
litigation by preparing essential court documents and briefs. He has advised clients on
corporate compliance and provided legal advice to a variety of multi-jurisdictional
Kasimu is a passionate promoter and advocate of Human Rights, Constitutionalism and
Rule of Law. He is enthusiastic about providing legal Aid and raising awareness, and he
has provided countless services in Arusha and Dar es Salaam. Particularly, he assisted in
the provision of legal aid in the resolution of property issues, child rights, and divorce
conflicts. Furthermore, he is on a media tour to raise legal knowledge about issues such
as sports legislation, criminal justice, and government administration.

Notable Archivement

❖ Corporate advisory, I participated in forming a team as investment advisor in voluntary carbon offset project in Tanzania, receiving, interviewing and advising clients.

❖ Corporate compliance, I assisted companies’ compliance with the law by filing annual returns, updating company particulars with BRELA, applying and renewing business license.

❖ Legal research, I conducted legal research on cases and their possible strengths and weakness, including reading various cases, provisions of law and case analysis.

❖ I drafted court documents such as Chamber Summons and Affidavit, Petition of Appeal, Written Submissions, Plaints and Written Statement of Defense.