Norbert Mlwale

Litigation Partner

With an impressive 10-year litigation record, Norbert serves as the head of litigation department for the firm.


With an impressive 10-year litigation record, Norbert serves as the head of litigation
department for the firm. His expertise encompasses a wide array of disputes, including
complex commercial matters, taxation dispute, investment claims, financing disputes,
real estate wrangles, maritime issues, defamation, insurance dispute, intellectual
property infringement, employment and compensation conflicts. Norbert’s experience
spans all phases of litigation from Tax Revenue Appeals Board, Tax Revenue Appeals
Tribunal, Fair competition Commission(FCC), National Construction Council (NCC),
subordinate court to the Court of Appeal of Tanzania. His attention to details,
dedication to cases, trial advocacy and high focus on trial-readiness drives success for
our clients.
Norbert is renowned for his strong experience in complex arbitration, mediation and
reconciliation before different Arbitral tribunals and ombudsman on matters of
construction, technology and investment. He has successful represented several large
corporations such as Salman’s Transport Company Ltd, Marina Hotel Ltd, Bharya
Engineering and Contracting Company Limited, Rashmear Developers Limited, Aria
Industries E.A Limited and the Registered Trustees of Crown Education Trust. Norbert is
highly committed to achieving the best result for our client matters whether in court or
across the bargaining table. His dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for clients
has solidified his reputation as a trusted legal advisor.

Notable Archivement

❖ Fruitfully negotiated the settlement of dispute on a beach plot worth USD 5M between the government, and embassy and client.

❖ Defended a high-level client from a joint public suit on civil claim arising out of criminal matters where the claimant was claiming around USD 5,000,000.

❖ Successfully pursued a minority shareholder claim worth UDS 500000 on dividend, company mismanagement and unfair prejudice against majority shareholder. Sirili case

❖ Assisted several major real estate players in enforcing several Property Rights

❖ Handled a major Tax dispute for a top tour country operator.

❖ Representing a global tech entrepreneur on a defamation case with a claim worth USD 10M.

❖ Represented several construction companies in arbitration proceedings before the National Construction Council.

❖ Successfully represented clients in recovering insurance claims, debt recovery and others.

❖ Notable track record of securing favorable judgments and settlements on disputes related to employment contracts, wrongful termination, and compensation matters

Professional Associations & Members
  • Tanganyika Law Society (TLS)
  • East Africa Law Society (EALS)