The recent amendment of the Non-Government Organization(NGO) Regulations through the Non-Governmental Organisation (Amendment)Regulations,2018, requires NGOs that obtain fund exceeding twenty(20) Milion Shillings (equivalent to 8500 United State Dollars) to publish once in two years. This is provided under regulation 13 of the amended Regulations.

Such publication must be published in a newspaper with wider circulation and other media channels, which are easily accessible, by the beneficiary of such fund.

Furthermore, the Regulations mandate the NGOs to submit their donor contract or agreement to the Registrar as well as to the Treasury not later than ten(10) days from the date of entering the said contract or agreement for approval.

NGOs are also obliged to declare to the Registrar any other resources received either in cash or kind before its expenditure.

Any NGO which contravenes those aforesaid requirements and obligations, commits an offence and may be liable to fine or imprisonment to its members.