Recognized as Legal Navigators for Aviation and UAVs


The world of aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is rapidly evolving, presenting exciting opportunities and complex challenges. Victory Attorneys has a long history of experience in areas of aviation law ranging from passengers complaints, pilot licensing, transactional, regulatory, investigation and litigation matters associated with aviation operations.  Our dedicated team of aviation lawyers understand the intricacies of this specialized field and offers comprehensive legal services tailored to airlines, leasing companies, airport operators, drone operators, aviation logistics services providers, aerospace manufacturers, financiers, aviation insurers, repair facilities, and regulators.

The firm is also a pioneer in the legal frontier of UAVs, we recognize the transformative impact of drone technology, balloons and other related technology in  various industries. Our UAV legal team combines innovative thinking with legal acumen to address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by unmanned aerial vehicles. Our services in this practice  include:

  1. Regulatory approvals & Compliance
  2. Aircraft Transactions and Finance
  3. Air Carrier Licensing and Certification
  4. Aviation Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  5. Environmental Compliance
  6. Drone Operations and Licensing
  7. Risk Management and Insurance
  8. Privacy and Data Security
  9. Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  10. Airstripe licesing


  • Advised and represented  air services companies on the lease arrangements and purchase of aircrafts from an international aircraft owner and operator.
  • Advised and represented several clients in various commercial aviation disputes ranging from ticketing issues, delays of flights, and negligence by aircraft. 
  • Advised and represented several Student, Sport, Recreational, Private Pilot (PPL), and Commercial Pilot (CSEL, CMEL) pilots on several license disputes with the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA).
  • Advised aviation service company and other several aviation companies in the preparation of several aviation compliance documents and special aviation employment documents like ground personnel and pilot’s agreements. 
  • Advised and represented various private net-worth individuals and tourism companies in procuring private Aerodrome licenses in several regions of Tanzania.
  • Advised and represented aviation service companies in various commercial transaction involving the preparation of several Air Charter