Research and Policy Analysis

"We are Legal research powerhouse dedicated to remaining at the forefront of law and policy advancements.”

The firm Research and Policy Analysis practice is grounded in the recognition of the pivotal role played by well-crafted policies and legislation. We boast an extensive experience in producing impactful research papers, policy documents, model laws, and alternative bills designed to influence decision-makers and legislators on behalf of several international entities. Our legal researchers excel in conducting comprehensive analysis of statutes, policies, regulatory frameworks, and regulations. Our research strategy is built in thorough research, data-driven insights, and a nuanced understanding of the modern and regulatory environment resulting in development of robust relevant legal and policy framework for the benefit of the public.


  • Conducted a research on the necessity of legislation for Child Online Protection in Tanzania and developed policy papers on Child Online Protection.
  • Conducted research on the state of digital rights in Tanzania, commissioned by the Centre for Strategic Litigation.
  • Conducted research commissioned by CIPESA to assess the state of internet freedom in Tanzania.
  • Conducted a survey for World Bank to assess the existence and implementation of an enabling legal and regulatory framework underpinning the data economy.
  • Conducted research commissioned by ILO to evaluate the coherence of the Policy and Legal Framework on Child Labour in the Tobacco Sector in Tanzania. 
  • Conducted research commissioned by LONDA on Digital Rights Inclusion.
  • Conducted research commissioned by WOTESAWA to examine national laws, rules, and policies related to issues affecting child and young domestic workers.
  • Conducted research commissioned by TACAIDS to analyze the human rights situation of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Conducted research commissioned by Protection International Africa (PIA) and Tanzania Human Rights Defenders (THRDC) to assess the human rights situation of HRDS.
  • Analyzed the Information and Broadcasting Policy of 2003, as commissioned by the Media Council of Tanzania.
  • Prepared a compendium of Media Laws in Tanzania for the Media Council of Tanzania.
  • Analyzed the Media Services Act, Access to Information Act, and Cybercrimes in relation to freedom of the press and freedom of expression in Tanzania.
  • Analyzed the impacts of Electronic and Postal Communications (Online Content) Regulations on freedom of expression and privacy.
  • Conducted a thorough analysis of the legal framework for the report titled "An Overview of Online Gender-Based Violence of Women in Politics (WiP)" for Media Convergence.
  • Successfully engaged to conducted thorough country context analysis, policy and legal framework analysis, trends and practices on electricity and oil and gas in Tanzania on behalf of international clients which formed thematic basis for investment and expansion.

Training Experience

  • Engaged by UNESCO to train judicial actors on the topic of artificial intelligence in the justice context and safeguarding human rights in the age of AI.
  • Conducted training commissioned by UNESCO for Education Personnel in Tanga and Shinyanga on Human Rights Education.
  • Conducted training commissioned by the UN system in Tanzania for Police Officers on their role in elections.
  • Conducted training commissioned by ILO for Members of the Judiciary in Tanzania on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights.
  • Conducted training for Journalists and Bloggers on the impacts of the Online Content Regulations.

Legislative Drafting

  • Engaged by stakeholders in research and policy analysis as well as drafting of a Model Bill on Personal Data Protection in Tanzania.
  • Engaged as a member of the Legal Committee in drafting proposals for legal amendment of laws governing Non-For-Profits in order to create more viable legal and regulatory frameworks from 2019 to 2021. 
  • Drafted recommendations for the amendment of various laws, which were presented to Parliamentary Committees.
  • Presented multiple recommendations for amending laws including drafting of alternative provisions before Ministerial Task Forces and Parliamentary Committees.