carbon Offset Project & Environment

We firmly believe in not just following the law but shaping the greener future

Environmental and health threats demand proactive solutions in the modern world.  Our dedicated environmental experts help businesses in Tanzania operate sustainably by assisting them in navigating complex regulations, minimize environmental risks, conducting environmental disclosure and environmental impact assessment. We also advise on regulatory developments, climate change impacts solutions, workers environmental health related risk assessment, and offer strategic tailor-made solution aimed ensuring environmental safety.. Our EHS clients appreciate us for deep understanding of the ever-changing Tanzanian environmental regulatory landscape and unwavering commitment to protecting the environment and promoting worker safety.

On the other hand, Carbon Offset has garnered prominence following the commitments of nations in mitigating or rather slowing climate change impacts and the voluntary individuals, corporations also extending their commitment towards environmental sustainability. The desperate need to tackle climate change impacts has facilitated the growth of carbon offset projects, carbon trading, and utilization of both national and international sustainable climate solutions hence prompting more effective utilization of our expertise in this practice area which primarily focuses in helping our diverse clients meet their ESGs in alignment with their overall business objectives

As a Firm dedicated to environmental sustainability, we have a committed and passionate team of environmental lawyers to assist our clientele in navigating the wide range of laws that are pertinent to this area of practice. Furthermore, our team sees to it that comprehensive legal support encompassing the identification of viable project areas, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, engagement with contracting Authority, negotiation of and drafting, review, and negotiation of carbon project concession agreement. Our team of experts also extends the service to project documentation preparation, assist in obtaining necessary approvals from carbon credit verifying authority, and so forth. 

  • Advised and assisted a Singapore based nature conservation company in acquisition of over 5Million Hectares of land for development of voluntary carbon offset projects.
  • Conducted a pre-feasibility baseline study for Italian company on categories of land uses, types of vegetation coverage, level of deforestation, sustainable forest management activities, available opportunities for natural biome conservation in protected areas, reforestations for commercial/industrial purposes and regenerative farming as well as application of national and international legal framework on climate impact mitigation in relation to voluntary international carbon market.
  • Assisted a multi jurisdictional company in conducting pre-feasibility assessment of the voluntary nature-based carbon offset project focusing on REDD+ and fire management in the Selous, Kilombero and Msanjesi game reserves
  • Advised several projects and unit titles developers on corporate environmental liability and compliance on Environmental Impact Assessment requirements for developing an environmental management plan.