We possess unwavering attention to details and unparalleled analytical acuity


Our firm has become the preferred choice for investors, businesses, and non-profits seeking support in both due diligence and commercial eligibility audit services. In the modern day, this practice area holds paramount importance, providing insights into an entity’s legal, financial, and operational aspects. Recognizing the need for thorough investigation and assessment, we do not just tick boxes but strive to leave no stone unturned during our due diligence and commercial eligibility audits. Our team possesses both legal acumen and a deep understanding of finance, allowing us to meticulously analyze every aspect of an entity, from finances and operations to legal compliance and potential risks. This laser-sharp approach has saved our clients from associated financial risks and unnecessary legal wrangles while ensuring no grants are misused or mismanaged.  

The firm boasts extensive experience in conducting donor funding compliance along with commercial and legal eligibility audits for various recipient organizations of grants administered by international entities. Additionally, as part of our practice, we have supported clients in acquiring businesses and investments by conducting due diligence and pre-feasibility studies before entering various investment and business ventures, merger transactions and other collaborations.


  • Conducted commercial and legal eligibility assessment of over 50 recipients’ organizations on behalf of The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).
  • Advised various clients from Morocco, China, Korea and France on various energy related projects implementation and assisted them on strategic government engagement in course of business consultation, baseline investment entry due diligence and implementation of investment projects.
  • Assisted Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (OSIEA) in conducting due diligence and legal eligibility audits for grantees in Tanzania and other grantee compliances.
  • Conducted due diligence and commercial eligibility audits for the grantees of the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) grantees.
  • Conducted fund management audits and investigations over several grantees suspected of misusing funds for several International Donors.
  • Assisted International Donors and Philanthropy missions in conducting charity project feasibility studies, country context analysis, and human rights situational reports which formed the basis for their thematic areas of engagement and funding.
  • Assisted International NGOs and Donors in conducting grant performance, effectiveness, efficiency, budget, and lessons learned in the course of implementation of various projects.