Gaming and sport betting

Our solutions are designed to help our clients traverse the convolution of this fiery ever changing sector.

Tanzania’s gaming industry is experiencing explosive growth, offering exhilarating opportunities for developers, operators and investors. In the current vibrant and evolving gaming industry, legal compliance is of paramount importance. Our team of seasoned gaming lawyers possesses a deep understanding of the regulatory frameworks that govern gaming and gambling activities in Tanzania. The gaming practice is tailored to meet the specific needs of gaming operators, online platforms, and stakeholders in this rapidly growing sector.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including licensing application,  legal Audits,  guidance on Compliance, IP Protection, dispute resolution, corporate governance, data privacy and security,  Tax Planning and Structuring.


  • Facilitated the acquisition of several gaming licenses for both international and local corporations covering sports betting, internet casino, virtual games, and others.
  • Assisted various gaming operators and distributors in the testing, certification, and registration application processes for devices, management systems, and game software used in gaming activities.
  • Represented and assisted a client during regulatory inspections by the gaming board, addressing concerns such as Premise Suitability, licensing conditions and other regulatory requirements.
  • Guided numerous gaming clients on responsible gaming requirements and Advertising applications.
  • Registered and provided support to the Gaming Owners Association of Tanzania Limited.
  • Provided pragmatic solutions to leading gaming operators such as Euro Games Technology Limited, Paladin Associates Limited, Betwin Limited, Joker Limited, and Betkumi Limited assisting them in acquisition of shares, change of shareholding structures, loan restructuring, FCC and TRA approvals.