Executive Partner

Benedict is a strategically innovative lawyer, carrying with him an aura of aggressiveness and tactical solutions to complex issues. He brings to the firm a large clientele of Inte


Benedict specializes in corporate law, telecommunications & ICT law, banking and finance law, capital markets and securities law, tax law and non-for-profits. He possesses broad experience on contemporary corporate and commercial issues revolving around mergers & acquisitions, Tax compliance and Transfer Pricing, Corporate Management and Restructuring, Project Facilitation & Business Planning, Corporate Real Estate, Insolvency Management and Dissolution of Companies. Ishabakaki has facilitated most of these undertakings on behalf of some of the key players in the tourism, mining and ICT, media and telecoms sectors in the country. He holds undoubtable influence over majority of the International and Local Non-Governmental Organizations, Societies, Trusts and Clubs, in the country, in regard to legal compliance, litigation and property management. He has received exceptional recommendations from majority of these corporations, due to his agility in partaking in the legal restructuring most of them amidst the 2019 changes in the law, which affected the being of these institutions. Benedict is an Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania and Subordinate Courts thereto.