Associate Partner

Norbert is an ultramodern litigant impressively acknowledged for his counsel in multifaceted commercial litigation and strategic dispute resolution.


Norbert Mlwale is the firm’s lead litigant with an impeccable six years litigation record. He specializes in handling disputes on general commercial disputes, maritime disputes, intellectual property infringement, insurance recovery, employment and compensation disputes, real estate disputes and products liability. Norbert has experience in acting as a representative counsel for clients in international and local arbitration proceedings on commercial, insurance and construction disputes, under both ad hoc and institutional arbitration avenues before the Tanzania Institute of Arbitrators, National Construction Council and the Insurance Ombudsman. Additionally, Norbert has extensive experience with negotiation, mediation on commercial dispute for clients in the banking and mining industries. Prior to joining the firm, Norbert worked as an associate at Epic Law Partners and thereafter at B & E Ako Law.