Intellectual PropertY

As innovative legal counsels, we are the shield for protecting your creative invention, designs, and brands.

In today’s fast-paced economy, your intellectual property is your most valuable asset. At Victory Attorneys & Consultants we understand and value the power of innovation and creativity. Our dedicated IP legal counsels are your shield, protecting your inventions, designs, and brands from infringement and ensuring your success. We offer a comprehensive range of IP services, from crafting strategic protection plans to registering patents, trade secrets, industrial designs, geographical indications, trademarks, and copyrights worldwide. Our IP team handles domestic and international filings, including ARIPO, WIPO, and other global IP offices. Our experts don’t just register your IP; they work tirelessly to prevent infringement and enforce your rights, ensuring your ideas continue to thrive while earning from it.


  • Assisted and advised global brands such as Daimler AG - Mercedes and Casio with market research and investigations on counterfeit and infringements issues for their products.
  • Successful Registered numerous trademarks, brand names, copyrights, patent for esteemed clients such as Influx Limited, UWEZO, Masumin, Five Star Limited, Betkumi Limited and others.
  • Successfully drafted several licensing, franchising and assignment agreements on IP for different entities such as TWAWEZA ensuring that these agreements align seamlessly with local laws.
  • Offered valuation services to several client on Merger & Acquisition process by assisting in determining financial value of IPRs such as trade secrets, patent, trademarks, Copyrights and others.
  • Collaborated with customs department and government authorities to safeguard our client’s IPRs and promoted enforcement of trademarks on imports for our clients.
  • Assisted numerous clients with cease-and-desist notice and enforcement guidance and representation before Fair Competition Commission of Tanzania.
  • Assisted several client in litigating and resolving IP-Related disputes via courts and Alternative Dispute Resolutions.
  • Provide assistance in online brand protection such as take down process and flagging of violations
  • Providing strategic intellectual property advisory and IP strategies services for TWAWEZA EA and GIBBs Farm, ensuring their IP rights and assets are strategically managed