Employment and Labor Relation

We possess sound judgment and wealth of experience in employment matters and modern HR solutions.

Steering the modern HR maze can be daunting in this contemporary world.  The firm’s employment lawyers assist business to navigate complex regulations, manage evolving workplaces, and cope with intricate employee relations from recruitment and hiring to restructuring and beyond. Our employment department’s goal is to ensure that our clients have a smooth HR journey and to guarantee that HR complexities do not derail our clients’ business. we offer comprehensive services such as:

  • Recruitment & Hiring: Crafting compliant onboarding processes, conducting background checks, drafting contracts and ensuring fair and inclusive hiring practices. 
  • Employee Relations:Assist in employee performance review procedures, design appraisal forms, prepare outsourcing arrangements, handle conflicts, and  employee satisfaction reviews with the aim of fostering a positive workplace environment.
  • HR Compliance: Assisting with policy development, employee handbooks reviews, and ensuring adherence to all relevant labor laws and regulations by conducting audits.
  • Disciplinary matters: We advise and assist clients in handling disciplinary issues,  grievance  procedures and appeals.
  • Labor Disputes: Representing clients in negotiations, mediations, and litigation, effectively resolving workplace conflicts. 
  • Immigration Matters: Helping businesses navigate the intricacies visas and work permits application as well as assist in filling foreign employees returns. 
  • Workplace Safety: Implementing safety protocols, conducting assessments, and minimizing risks for employees and employers. 
  • Executive Compensation & Benefits: Designing and managing competitive compensation packages for key personnel. 
  • Board & executive matters:  We are well experienced in board-level advice on crucial employment, compensation and benefits-related issues, pension as well as day-to-day support on complex executives’ issues.
  • Terminations and post-termination issues: retrenchment, restructuring processes and non-competition issues.


  • Engaged in development, drafting and review of human resource policies, management and compensation guidelines and employee handbooks for both numerous local and foreign organizations to ensure compliance with local laws, effectiveness and encompassing modern HR trends and best labour practices.
  • Assisted a French based company to settle employee’s grievances in collaboration with regional labour officers, employee’s trade unions following employees strikes.
  • Engaged by mutli-national construction company to conduct a human resource compliance audit.
  • Engaged by various construction companies for mobilization and demobilizations of more than 1000 employees ranging from managers to unskilled employees.
  • Engaged by various companies and NGOs for structuring employment agreements for professionals, unskilled and well as consultancy services. 
  • Assisted several entities with termination, disciplinary procedure and grievance settlement for employees.
  • Consulted for several clients on employment best practices, implementation of modern HR trends and guidance on performance processes.